On Ritual’s Chicago Expansion – Live Broadcast

The fine folks at TastyTrade in Chicago invited us at Ritual to join their live broadcast show Bootstrapping in America a couple weeks ago. Big thanks to Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista for making it a fun time on the air.

In the 20 minute segment below, we spend some time talking about some of Ritual’s early moves entering Chicago, our second major metro market and first area of expansion into the US.

After the show, they asked what three tips I had for growing a successful B-to-C business (below). Do you agree?

One thought on “On Ritual’s Chicago Expansion – Live Broadcast

  1. Great chat with the TastyTrade folks. You articulated the business very well. You tackled the host’s skepticism by bringing it back to the vision and target: hyper-local, urban professionals, and partnership with merchants (not charging a flat fee for Saas and allowing local shops to benefit from technology without the upfront capital investment) that can be scaled. You showed great composure and confidence in the company.

    The business model is brilliant. Ritual earns when it brings customers to its merchants. The users do not pay an additional fee for purchasing food/drinks through Ritual (and customers don’t want to install multiple apps). For these reasons (and a lot more), I think it will be very difficult for competitors to emulate. I absolutely agree with your three points and as I learn more about the business, I think Ritual embodies your three tips, as it builds relationship with its users and its merchant customers. It benefits everyone to partner with Ritual. That is how you do business.

    Just applied for the Finance Manager position. Hope to meet you and the team and be part of the (first tip of running and growing a successful business) “People” at Ritual.

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