Viral Marketing Whitepaper

Viral marketing can be a huge asset to the launch and sustained growth and success of any product or business.

I am in the process of creating a whitepaper that brings in proven strategies as well as specific case studies of successful viral marketing efforts. The whitepaper will also cover more specific strategies centered around mobile App Stores and effective utilization of Facebook Connect and Facebook application pages. Lastly, it will contain a bible of social media strategies.

I kindly ask all of you to share any viral strategies that you have used to-date, along with key dates and timelines, screenshots, verbiage used in messaging, and key metrics (user growth, #downloads, etc…) achieved from the strategy.

Please leave comments below, or DM/@ me on Twitter with links to your story, my username is @jsookman. I will be tracking posts with the #UbiquitousVC hashtag, so please use it!

4 thoughts on “Viral Marketing Whitepaper

  1. Thanks @kevrichard — I will certainly have a look! I'll get in-touch with @csmillie

    Let me know if you come across any other case studies. I am looking to put together an entire case study section.

  2. @kamenetzd (on Twitter) was kind enough to contribute … message below:

    @jsookman Found this NBC "digital word of mouth" strat presentation for SNL on Scribd for your viral marketing paper:

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