Dave Howlett Live!

Last night I had the chance to see Dave Howlett give one of his famous “Knocking Down Silos” talks; it was a networking event not to miss. He has a way of working the crowd by telling story after story to keep people’s keen attention! Oh, and he keeps his crowd on their toes by bringing them into his talk when they are least expecting it…

Dave said that if we should only remember one phrase, that it should be “Watch your weekend challenges” to symbolize 3 ways to begin a meaningful conversation with another. I could easily post what its supposed to mean, but I would rather instill mystery and send you off to find out for yourself. So, check out his website at www.davehowlett.com and take one of his seminars – it’s a worthwhile experience! It’s the morning after, and I have already received one email from someone looking to follow up on a chat we had last night. It’s all about people.

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